Are you putting the needs of people before pixels? (Boagworld Podcast)

A short talk of mine featured on the wonderful Paul Boag’s ‘Boagworld’ podcast. I discuss how we can involve our teams in the design process.

Screenshot of the podcast agenda.

Some of my ramblings have been featured on the amazing ‘Boagworld’ podcast! I’ve been a big fan of the show for several years, so I’m super chuffed to have a little feature!

My talk discusses how leadership, empathy and diplomancy are important qualities in any designer. If we want our projects to go smoothly, we need to make sure we’re involving other people in our design process. How do we go about doing this?

Thanks again for the feature, Paul and Marcus!

You can listen to the full podcast and see the transcript on the Boagworld website.

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Chris Myhill, an incredibly handsome UX designer who heads up Just UX Design

Chris Myhill

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