Axure 8 tutorial - Building a predictive search field

In this walkthrough I’ll use Axure RP’s more advanced features to make a realistic search field.

When it comes to designing a complex interaction, Axure RP is my go-to tool. For better or worse, nothing else comes close to the level of fidelity Axure offers in your prototypes.

In this walkthrough we’ll make a fully interactive and realistic predictive search field. This prototype uses some of Axure’s more powerful features, such as :

  • Conditions
  • Variables
  • Repeaters & filters

In 45 minutes we’ll make something fully interactive that can be user tested just like the real thing!

Here’s the tutorial :

Download the .RP file

Here’s the forumula that we used to build the ‘search’ filter :

[[(Item.value.toLowerCase()).indexOf(LVAR1.toLowerCase()) >= 0]]

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