Mentoring with Chris

I’m taking part in UXPA’s mentoring programme. Get in touch if you’d like some help with your UX career and stuff.

Over the years, I’ve had help from several amazingly generous and talented folks in the UX industry.

This support helped me break into the world of UX, and gave me a ideas that I’ve liberally stolen over my career.

So after eight years of being a big fat knowledge-leech, it’s time to start giving back. 

I’ve gotten in touch with the UXPA, and they’ve kindly offered me a place as a mentor on their mentorship scheme. Woohoo! If you’re keen on learning more about UX - or just need some advice about stuff, then do drop a line.

You can learn more on the UXPA website.

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Chris Myhill, an incredibly handsome UX designer who heads up Just UX Design

Chris Myhill

Chris heads up Just UX Design with 10 years of experience creating digital products and managing design teams.

He’s worked on loads of different projects, using UX wizardry to help businesses make better products.

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