MUXL2017 - Five Steps for Mobile-Friendly Navigation (presentation)

A short talk I gave for the Mobile UX conference in London last November. How do we plan website navigation to be truly ‘mobile first’?

When I’m brought onto website redesign projects I’m usually challenged with ‘cleaning up’ navigation.

The phrase ‘cleaning up’ is kind of pertinent. Like a messy bedroom, websites and applications have a habit of accumulating a lot of crap over the years. Before you know it there are so many options that you can barely cram them into a desktop UI… let alone mobile.

In cases like these, designers often throw in the towel and resort to shortcuts like the dreaded hamburger menu.

In this lightning talk I gave at MUXL last November, I go through a five step approach to creating a leaner information architecture. By going through this process, we can then translate it into awesome mobile navigation.

Here’s the talk!

Get that? In summary :

  • Step one. Do your research;
  • Step two. Let go of the words;
  • Step three. Consolidate;
  • Step four. Prioritise;
  • Step five. Test.

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