My beef with the hamburger menu (UX Camp Brighton Presentation)

Presentation I gave for UX Camp Brighton 2017. A rant about one of my least favourite trends in web design, and how you can apply mobile-first information architecture to avoid it.

I recently had the pleasure of once again attending & speaking at UX Camp Brighton. It was an utterly fantastic day of sharing, learning & grey-box banter. Highly recommend any UX designer have a go at the next one, it’s great fun.

A massive thanks goes out to all those who were involved in making it happen (and acquiring the food, it was immense). Cheers!

Particular highlights for me were Matthew Standage’s wonderful primer on typography and Peter Winchester’s incredibly insightful IA case studies.

For my session, I couldn’t resist a rant - so ended up giving a talk about my beef with the hamburger menu, and the need for mobile-first responsive navigation.

For those who couldn’t make it but still want to hear my whingy plea to the web design community, I’ve made a recorded version of the presentation. Enjoy!

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