‘Poka-Yoke Design’ : The art of error-proofing (presentation)

A talk I gave at the London Design Lab meetup. I explain how Poka-Yoke is being used in everyday products, and how we can apply this to digital interactions.

Last week I lucky enough to present a talk at Campus London, for the monthly Design Lab meetup. Massive thanks to Natalie, Alexandros and the rest of the team for hosting the event. It was great!

For those of you who missed my talk, or are just desperate to re-live the magic of my plug sockets rant - here’s a recording!

Sorry about the massive glare on the projection. I’ve also put the original slide deck underneath, so you can follow along with that if it’s easier.

The talk is about one of my favourite subjects ; ‘Poka-yoke’ design. What is it? And how can we apply it in the design of digital user experiences?

It’s broadly based on a couple of articles I wrote a while back, one about Poka-yoke, and another about designing for the edge cases. Enjoy!

Here’s the talk!

The slides

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