Kick-off Workshop - Agenda & Information Pack

Get your team ready for a full day UX workshop. Includes agenda, instructions & pre-workshop questionnaire.

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About the pack

This template contains the full agenda & information to run a full day kick-off workshop. It can be sent to your client / team as a pre-read to get them ready. It can also simply be used by you as a playbook for the session.

The information pack contains the following information :

  • Setting the scene with some broad information about the workshop, including background and goals.
  • Instructions for a full day of activities. Each is broken down step-by-step, with examples.
  • A pre-workshop questionnaire that you can send out to participants.

Why bother with a UX workshop?

A good workshop puts everyone on the same page. It sets the tone of a project, and helps guide the design process.

Getting the everyone together for a workshop has many benefits :

  • It aligns everyone to the same vision.
  • It ensures the whole team understands the project goals.
  • It brings insight and information to the table that people would not have shared otherwise.

About the template

  • The document is in printable A4 format, so that you can use it as a hand-out in your workshop.
  • Includes keynote (.key) and powerpoint (.ppt) formats.
  • The template itself is unbranded, so that you can easily swap in your own brand colours, fonts and logo. I’ve included an example of my own company’s adaptation of this template for example (Just UX Design).
  • The template has been geared towards a full-day workshop, but can be easily adapted to create agendas for shorter more focused workshops.

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