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Designing websites, apps & tools for Aviva’s suite of investment products.

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The Challenge

As one of the UK’s largest insurance providers, Aviva also have an important investment function. They offer funds and bonds to their customers - from individual investors to large corporations.

With transactions worth literally millions of pounds, this is a critical part of their business.

The investment function’s digital presence had been lacking for some time. The website was outdated, and customers couldn’t easily check or track the value of their funds online.

Aviva Investors hadn’t kept pace with the great digital work happening in the wider insurance side of the business, and it was showing.

The Solution

Working with the amazing digital team at Jellyfish Online Marketing, we helped Aviva plan and design a new online experience for investment.

The .com website was the largest component of this. In addition to a complete content and information architecture overhaul, we also introduced new features and tools specifcally for Investors. These tools helped them track & compare fund performance, and select the right products.

This was an intensive three month programme of work that involved research, design & strategy across a whole range of digital projects. 

The Project

Stakeholder engagement around the business

Like with any digital project, we had to work closely with other designers, copywriters and developers.

The client-side management was less usual. The investment sector is complex. The high-value nature of these products meant that a lot of stakeholders were eager to be involved. On top of all this, that are lots of a compliance issues surrounding investment that required careful legal oversight.

Managing all of these stakeholders was tricky. We had to rely on workshops and co-design techniques to get the job done. Careful use of rapid prototyping and content management tools made it possible for our large team to collaborate effectively.

All design decisions were informed by customer & business insight.

Interaction design for new websites & apps

We worked closely with a wider design & content strategy team at Jellyfish for this project. Our focus was on planning & prototyping the on-screen experience.

This was an iterative process. We worked through many rounds of the design to find the optimum user flows. The goal was to find the possible way to present fund information to customers, and encourage investment.

Creating early designs & ideas for new investment tools.

Extensive user research

Just one unenjoyable session could cost Aviva thousands in lost revenue. Everything we did was therefore tested with real users. We gradually iterated the site’s information architecture and content structure using tree-testing and surveys.

To test the interface, we ran one-on-one sessions with investment professionals throughout the project.

This helped us understand their unique behaviours, optimising until the user experience until it was just right.

The whole experience was user tested with interactive wireframe prototypes.

The Results

At the time of writing this, Aviva are currently in the process of content migration & implementation of their new systems. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished results!

Chris is an outstanding UX designer. Smart, proactive, insightful and articulate. He can quickly get to grips with complex UX challenges and rapidly explore solutions. He’s great with clients and users alike. Always chipper and cool under pressure he’s been a joy to work with. I very much hope to work with him again in the future.

- Matt Le Gresley - Head of UX, Jellyfish

This work is still in development, so I can’t give you a link to the finished product. If you’d like to know more (or just want to shoot the breeze), drop a line!

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