Project Duration : 1 month

A new app to help guide girls through puberty, and any other struggles life might throw at them.

The Challenge

Being a girl is hard enough, then you add periods to the mix! The founders of Betty were tired of the way people talk about periods ; as if they’re something to be embarrassed about.

Betty is a business that focuses around making girl’s lives easier. They wanted a new mobile app go accompany the offline part of their business.

The Solution

I worked with an awesome team of designers and developers at Architect to create a brand new mobile app for Betty.

The app would allow girls to track and plan periods / contraception, and give useful and honest advice around their bodies, their lives and the world.

What I did

I conducted audience research to plan the app’s features

As you can probably imagine, I’m not exactly the target audience for the app. Therefore research and workshops to build personas of the user base was paramount.

This helped me to plan the app’s functionality, and understand the best ways to present information.

Initial screen flows creating during the early stages, to map out key features.

I developed wireframes and prototypes for the new app

We rapidly prototyped the app, creating early wireframe versions that could be run directly from a phone. This let us test new features and ideas really early in the process (and fail, on more than one occasion!).

By prototyping early and failing fast, we got business alignment on the user experience really quickly - saving both time and money.

Screenshots from an early wireframe prototype.

I worked closely with the devs team to create a functional specification

I then worked closely with developers to produce the app’s functional specification, and with UI design and brand teams to bring the app to life.

The Results

The team are really happy with the app, and which is due for launch later this year. Watch this space!

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