Project Duration : 6 months

Global-scale IA and content strategy for HSBC’s corporate website.

The Challenge

One of the most prominent banks in the world, HSBC needs no introduction. Whilst working with AIA Worldwide, I was commissioned to help with the redesign of a new corporate website.

The new HSBC website needed to supply consumers, shareholders, career seekers and other interested parties with the last information and insight.

The Solution

HSBC’s major goal was to consolidate the content from over 70 pre-existing location and business-sector specific micro sites.

I worked alongside a cross-agency team to tackle key sections of the site’s user experience. This would all be brought into a single responsive website in seven different languages.

What I did

I provided content strategy to consolidate 70 sites into one

This was a really challenging information architecture project. Prior to this project, HSBC didn’t really have any form of governance when it came to creating digital content and services.

This project required a significant amount of audit and analysis time to understand the content. I used analytics data and SEO tools to identify duplicate or redundant content.

Careful analysis of the existing content performance informed the migration process.

I created and tested a streamlined information architecture

Because the goal of the project was to retire many of the existing sites, I had to be very sensitive to each content-owner’s needs.

The solution needed usable, streamlined and useful for visitors, whilst still keeping client stakeholders happy.

I went through many versions of the new site information architecture, making sure I met the needs of the user and the business alike.

Initial information architecture for the new site.

I worked alongside a large team of developers, designers & copywriters

The design process I followed made sure every page we put on mapped back to a business or user requirement. The volume of user needs the site had to represent left no room for irrelevant content.

I worked closely with a large, cross-discipline team who helped ensure that all messaging was on-brand and fit for purpose.

I also partnered closely with HSBC’s design and development team, making sure correct guidelines were followed.

Example wireframe and specification for a page on

The Results

The site was launched to a great reception from HSBC’s global stakeholders, despite their initial reservations about the project.

This was a really important digital transformation project for the business. The way has paved the way for a more joined-up user experience and better content governance.

Final high-fidelity designs for pages.

See the results : Visit the website

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