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Strategy & design for the charity partnership’s healthy goal setting app.

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The Challenge

Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation and Tesco unite to form the National Charity Partnership. This supergroup of charitable goodness inspires millions to eat better, get active and reduce their risk of disease.

In 2016 the Partnership aimed to start a brand new ‘Let’s Do This’ initiative. It encouraged people to set (and meet) their own health-related goals.

This wasn’t for gym-bunnies or marathon runners. Goals were everyday fitness wins like swapping chips for salad, or walking to work instead of using the bus.

The Solution

Our role was to guide and deliver the digital part of this initiative. Not just a website, but a fully-fledged app that would help ordinary people set and track realistic fitness goals.

Making the app successful meant making it useful, so a large amount of user research was undertaken.

Initial workshops helped us to define the problem.

The Project

In-depth user research for the new app

We interviewed members of our target audience out on the high street, and also ran dedicated focus groups to find out what people actually wanted.

In the user research we set out to find :

  • What are people’s health goals?
  • What was stopping them from being met?
  • How could technology help people be a bit healthier?
  • What are current apps not giving them?

Research helped us to understand user needs, and gaps in the health app market.

This research, coupled with market research data and competitor insight, allowed us to plan requirements for the new app.

We defined some key guiding principles around what the app should and shouldn’t do.

In this crowded marketplace, we needed to make sure we were doing something meaningful. Something that sets us apart.

Our findings helped us define some core UX principles.

Bringing the concept to life using interactive prototypes

We produced wireframe prototypes and detailed specification documents, bringing the concept to life.

This allowed the rather large project team to all be aligned on exactly what the app would do. Prototyping also gave us a platform to share our ideas with real users at a very early stage.

Early screenflows for the app, outlining features and functionality.

User testing early & often

By testing early and often, we could make sure that the app stayed true to the original vision throughout it’s development.

We continually shared our work with members of the target audience. This allowed us to go through several iterations of the UX, sometimes radically changing the flow certain features to better suit the user.

Analytics helped identify potential issues in the user interface.

We continued testing right up to the point of launch. The further along we got, the more fidelity we was able to add to our prototypes. This meant that we could test more realistic versions of the design, to the point where prototypes were indistinguishable from the coded app.

Working closely with the development team

Visualising and agreeing the user experience was critical not just for design, but also for development. We worked closely with the development team at Golin to create detailed documentation for all of the app’s features.

This involved writing all of the app’s requirements as user stories, and outlining all of the expected behaviour and acceptance criteria.

I then worked closely with the guys throughout the development period, to make sure everyone was totally clear on what needed to be built.

Screenshots from a version of the wireframe prototype.

The Results

The campaign has recently gone live to a great reception, with thousands already setting and completing healthy goals.

Chris was excellent from start to finish. He successfully managed multiple user testing groups, developed a prototype, managed feedback from over 15 stakeholders. Everyone was extremely impressed with his work and I would 100% appoint him to work on any UX projects i have in the future.

- Ysabel Schonegevel - Senior Project Manager at Diabetes UK / National Charity Partnership

See the results : Visit the website or Try the app

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