Museum of Childhood

Digital Strategy & Redesign

User research, digital strategy and design for Bethnal Green’s Museum of Childhood.

Case study images for Bethnal Green's Museum of Childhood

The Challenge

The Museum of Childhood is one of East London’s most beloved attractions. Located in Bethnal Green, they allow children and adults alike to experience the joy of childhood through the ages.

Though the museum did have an existing website, it was very cluttered and text-heavy. This made it really hard for visitors to find key information.

The site was also ineffective at showcasing the variety of free family activities that were on offer.

The Solution

We were tasked not only with designing a new site, but also a wider plan for their digital presence. The museum needed insight to decide exactly what online initiatives they should be prioritising.

The Project

Running workshops & user interviews, and creating personas

The museum has an extremely loyal following of parents, teachers and toy aficionados. We interviewed visitors and patrons, to find out why the museum was special to them, and what made them keep visiting.

This was a unique opportunity, as the range of museum visitors are extremely diverse. Separate workshops were conducted with adults, children and also the museum staff. Getting the site to cater for all of these different audiences was a tricky task.

The insights were used to build a number of user persona, and informed decisions going forward.

Personas created from the user research findings.

Working collaboratively with the museum curators and designers

The museum had plenty of stakeholders who needed to be involved. We kept all of these people engaged throughout the process, and ensured that their objectives were taken on board.

Rather than designing a traditional ‘flat’ website, we instead opted for a more dynamic wiki-like structure. This was ideally suited to the museum with its huge collection of content, and diverse user needs.

Initial information architecture and navigation logic.

UX for the new Museum of Childhood website

Next came wireframes & prototypes that mapped out a new online experience.

We made heavy use of re-usable components in the interaction design. This ensured pages looked & behaved consistently.

Early wireframes for the new website experience.

Building a digital strategy roadmap for the museum

We presented this user experience roadmap to the whole museum team. The roadmap outlined the experience for the new website, as well as guidelines for their digital communications. Not just the web, but other channels including email, mobile and social.

Redesigned homepage for the Museum of Childhood website.

The Results

The new Museum Of Childhood website has been live for a while now, and is a drastic improvement over the previous version.

The organisation is continuing to embrace digital, using many of the guidelines set out in that original roadmap.

See the results : Visit the website

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