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Designing a new online service that takes the pain out of job-hunting.

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The Challenge

Picked are a London-based startup with roots & expertise in FOUND, a digital performance agency.

The Picked team realised that the recruitment process needed fixing. Quality talent doesn’t stay on the market for long. The long-winded processes of traditional job application platforms doesn’t suit the fast-paced reality.

This was particularly true with young people.

Millennials expect the opportunities came to them. They don’t want to fill out endless forms, for the mere chance of an interview.

The Solution

The premise of Picked is simple. As a candidate, the jobs come to you. As an employer, you’re quickly matched with the most suitable talent for your role.

The service stands out by having a simple subscription model for employers, avoiding the exorbitant commission fees of competitors.

The team already had the vision. They needed help bringing it to life.

We teamed up with Picked in the early stages. We helped them design, user test & prototype the new service.

The Project

Scoping out the early experience

We worked closely with the Picked team to plan the experience. With their marketing insight & research, we workshopped & prioritised features.

We then went on to map out initial user flows.

We needed come up with some clever matching rules. Employers needed to quickly create job openings, and be matched suitable candidates. It had to feel easy & seamless.

We worked closely with Picked to map out early user flows & interactions.

Continual design iteration

Wireframe prototypes quickly brought the design to life. Prototypes removed ambiguity from the process. We needed everyone aligned on how the site would work.

We moved through many iterations of the wireframes. By continually iterating & trying new ideas, we could quickly plan the best possible interactions.

Working this way was really advantageous to Picked.

The idea was still in its infancy, and prototypes stimulated discussion. They helped raise edge-cases that might not have been considered otherwise.

Prototyping helped us to visualuse (and validate) the concept quickly.

User testing early & often

Along the way, we tested everything we designed with real job-seekers. It was easy to test realistic scenarios using prototypes.

Testing was crucial not just for the interface usability, but also to get feedback on the site itself. Picked a new service, and we wanted to know which features people liked - and which ones they didn’t.

The research helped us further optimise our prototypes, and design a better experience.

Testing our prototypes with real-life jobseekers was a crucial stage.

The Results

The output was a complete prototype & roadmap for the platform’s user experience.

This mapped out the whole interface, and aligned the team on what they needed to make. The project will be taken forward by Picked’s internal development team, to build the first public release in late 2018.

Working with Chris was an absolute pleasure. He’s an extremely talented designer who fitted in brilliantly in our team. His work on our wireframes was very nicely done and helped bring our vision to life. He’s also a top bloke. I’m looking forward to working with him again in the future.

- Guy Thornton - Founder, Picked

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