Project Duration : 1 month

Creating a new platform that changes the way teachers find jobs.

The Challenge

TeachHub is brand new service that connects talented teachers to exceptional schools.

The platform’s founders identified that recruitment processes in the education industry were ready to be disrupted. TeachHub set out to revolutionise the sector, starting with a brand new web application.

TeachHub’s founders approached me during the very early stages of the platform’s conception. We worked together to map out the key features of the product, and design the user experience.

The Solution

TeachHub works by allowing teachers seeking roles to create a profile. They’re then matched with schools who have posted new relevant opportunities. This saves the teacher from having to manually search for roles, and from repeatedly filling out long application forms.

With a real focus on user friendliness and efficiency, TeachHub aims to give teachers a better alternative to the clunky and repetitive job application services of old.

What I did

I worked with the founders to plan the platform’s requirements

At the start of the project I ran requirements gathering activities to get to the bottom of exactly what TeachHub needed to do, and how it would do it.

By working collaboratively with the founders in a room full of post-it notes, we could visualise our decisions and get everyone aligned on the project vision. When I came back to the team with the first version of a wireframe prototype there were no unpleasant surprises. We’d just brought our workshop output to life.

We ran a number of workshops to define ideal requirements and workflows.

I produced ‘lean’ UX, with a focus on prototyping & testing over documentation

Due to the startup nature of the business, it was important to keep things lean.

By putting a real emphasis on showing working prototypes over boring specifications, we were able to gather really fast momentum on the project.

The team was small, so we could focus on iterating designs and testing rather than too much time-consuming documentation. We were given access to test our prototypes in schools with real teachers. This allowed us to go through several iterations of the platform concept in the UX process.

Screenshots from the early wireframe prototype.

I worked with the startup throughout the product’s development

After the initial user experience work had been tested and approved, I stayed involved with the TeachHub team to provide guidance on further design and development.

We used prototypes to conduct user testing with real teachers.

The Results

Screenshot of the finished result.

At the time of writing this, TeachHub has recently gone live and is attracting large amounts of attention from teachers, schools and investors alike.

Watch this space!

Working with Chris is easy. He really knows what he’s talking about. He’s dedicated to the job, experienced, and always goes the extra mile to ensure a perfect user experience.

- Nick Murray - Co-founder and Head of Product, TeachHub

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